Sunday, November 6, 2011


Tips to Help You Get Published

by Pam Zollman                                                                                             

1)      Age – Aim High.  Word Count – Aim Low.

2)      Never sleep under the same roof with a rejected manuscript.  Send it out again as fast as possible!

3)      A manuscript in your file drawer is rejected.  A manuscript in the mail is not.

4)      Always have a list of places to send your manuscript.  That way, if it comes back, you can send it right out again without doing more research and using that as an excuse for not resubmitting it.

5)      An editor rarely calls and asks to buy what you have in your file drawer.  So mail that manuscript today.  You can’t sell it if it’s sitting in the drawer.

6)      Enter contests.  Giving yourself a deadline is a good way to make you finish that manuscript.  If you lose, so what?  You have a perfectly good story to submit to other publishers.  Besides, you never know…you might win.

7)      A writer writes every day.  A writer writes the best she can in everything she does.  A writer experiments so that her writing doesn’t become stale.  A writer tries other fields of writing, because she might discover another area she enjoys.

8)      A writer reads every day.  A writer reads in his field to keep up with the market.  A writer reads outside his field to broaden his mind.  A writer reads for research, and a writer reads for pleasure.

9)      Use the Buckshot Method of Submission:  Submit 10 manuscripts to 10 different publishers. You have a significantly better chance of selling than if you submit 1 manuscript to 10 publishers.

10)  The Secret of Successful Writing:  Put the seat of your pants in the seat of your chair and write!

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